Think, Breath, Act

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Latest Testimonials

"I have enjoyed working with Joshua over the past three years. He is a dedicated professional who cares about the outcome for his students and fellow professionals. A meeting with Josh is well worth your time."
John Kennedy, PGA Member

"Joshua - you are addressing a key area in golf coaching - keep up your good work - It was great to meet up with you at the PGA Show in Orlando in January and again with Fred Ost at Jupiter Island in February - I really appreciated your lesson and our time sharing ideas."
Peter Crocker, PGA Coach

"I worked with Josh last fall, and in just ONE session, he was able to make a huge difference in how I go about putting. We first went over a few mechanical things (grip pressure, aim and tempo). But the real difference came when we started talking about the mental side of putting. We talked about how breathing and the way we think while standing over the ball can have a big affect on the outcome of each shot. After Josh gave me a few thinking and breathing pointers, I noticed that I was more consistent with the speed of my putts, which has always been an issue of mine. I highly recommend working with Josh."
Greg Callaro, PGA Pro


North East

Game On Golf Center
701 Dobbs Ferry Rd
White Plains, NY 10607
(914) 592-6553

River Vale Country Club
660 Rivervale Road, River Vale, NJ 07675
(201) 391-2300

Dunwoodie Golf Club
1 Wasylenko Lane, Yonkers NY 10701

Westchester Community College
75 Grasslands Rd, Valhalla, NY 10595

South East Florida

Hollywood Beach Golf Club
1600 Johnson Street
Hollywood, Florida

(954) 927-1751

Joshua Dunn is a professor at Westchester Community College and is the creator and founder of Think Breathe Act.