Joshua Dunn

Joshua Dunn is the creator and founder of Think Breathe Act. He is an experienced golf teacher specializing in mindfulness practices. Having evolved from a student of both golf and mindfulness, he realized at a young age how practicing mindfulness improved his golf game. From his early learning as a student of meditation, he integrated a unique approach that begins with the mental game, moves to the physical through special breathing techniques and in that pause, the whole body begins to shape itself for the swing.

As a teacher, what Joshua does best is customized golf instruction- everything from ball fitting to swing skill. He generates a custom plan for each student based on their current swing and physical capabilities. And he does this by carefully observing the unique needs of his clients while at the same time, mindfully building a trusting relationship. He starts with the fundamentals of the set-up and continues element by element: club fitting, the mental game, the swing, and on-course strategy.

Joshua started his golf career by developing his own junior golf program at Cross Creek Golf Course in 2006 with the Hook a Kid on Golf Program. From there, he worked with adults in a variety of settings. Joshua teaches clinics and workshops on the science of putting using cutting edge technology to educate both golf professionals and amateurs in the art and feel of the putting stroke. Currently an adjunct professor at Westchester Community College, he also coaches individual golfers in a private setting. His supporting work has included pioneering products such as the Cure Putter and Blast Motion. He currently represents Bettinardi clubs and Iomic grips during demo days at golf courses in the New York Metro area.

What makes Joshua an asset to both you and your golf game is his commitment to your learning objectives and development of greater skill. Once he knows what you want and what’s getting in your way, he can bring out the best in you and in your game. How you do anything, is how you do everything. Through his guidance and leadership, Joshua is eager to actively support you in bringing your whole self to the game of golf as a game for life.

Joshua Dunn is a professor at Westchester Community College and is the creator and founder of Think Breathe Act.