Revolutionizing How We Play The Game 

Joshua Dunn will Help Un-lock your brain

Joshua Dunn's Think, Breath, Act program will help you take your game to the next level. We will provide you with a better understanding of strategic feel and focused learning methods for Sports Professionals and Amateurs alike.

The secrets to become an expert athlete are within your reach. Think Breathe Act will teach you to use science and your own instincts in conjunction with strategic thinking and conscious breathing to play with your whole body.

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What kind of athletes do we work with

We work with all types of athletes, all sports, team organizations, and universities/colleges.

Professional Athletes


Amateur Athletes


Teams / Organizations

mental sports training seminars for athletes

The Mindful Experience

They say that in sports, 90 percent of performance is mental. Yet, we spend the majority of our time, effort and money on physical and technical training — including everything from gear and coaches to gym memberships and sports massages. All that leaves little time to focus on our mental game.

“There are only so many ways we can continue to get bigger, faster and stronger,”  Trevor Moawad

Mindfulness in Action - Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and in a non-judgmental open way. Every one of us is increasingly barraged with distractions, yet not many of us know how to consciously calm ourselves in the midst of our most chaotic moments to let the mind “re-boot.”  Mindfulness proposes to provide our participants with the principles and practices to learn it in action. This is the antidote to stress and constant fight or flight responses. Instead, with the practice of shifting attention, without distraction, a person experiences a greater sense of presence, confidence and connection in order to align and engage for a more focused purpose.

Approach - The Think, Breathe, Act method of mindfulness in action is based on our original approach applied to the game of golf. The workshop will be a mix of content and interactive experiences with the primary focus on experiential learning.  Our aim is to facilitate two 1-hour workshops two days in a row.

Our Programs / Services

Joshua Dunn works with all types of athletes. Many of our professional athletes have Joshua ons-ite for live in-person sessions. Joshua also offers telephone and or video conferencing sessions for professional and amateur athletes. Have a large group, you can also hire Joshua Dunn for a seminar for your entire team/organization.

In Person Session

Face to Face sessions are more geared towards our professional athlete clients and local amateur athletes.  

60 Minute In-Person Session ($150) + Travel (If applicable)

Telephone / Video Conferencing

Have a big upcoming tournament or just driving to a game/match and need a session with Joshua?

30 Minute Phone Call or Video Conference ($75)

Seminar / Group Training

Are you a University, Coach or manage a sports team orgnaiztion?  Joshua Dunn offers Group Sessions and Seminars.

Program/Seminar (Typically $50 per Person or $1000 per Day) + Travel (if applicable)

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What Athletes are Saying

Latest Testimonials

"I have enjoyed working with Joshua over the past three years. He is a dedicated professional who cares about the outcome for his students and fellow professionals. A meeting with Josh is well worth your time."
John Kennedy, PGA Member

"Joshua - you are addressing a key area in golf coaching - keep up your good work - It was great to meet up with you at the PGA Show in Orlando in January and again with Fred Ost at Jupiter Island in February - I really appreciated your lesson and our time sharing ideas."
Peter Crocker, PGA Coach

"I worked with Josh last fall, and in just ONE session, he was able to make a huge difference in how I go about putting. We first went over a few mechanical things (grip pressure, aim and tempo). But the real difference came when we started talking about the mental side of putting. We talked about how breathing and the way we think while standing over the ball can have a big affect on the outcome of each shot. After Josh gave me a few thinking and breathing pointers, I noticed that I was more consistent with the speed of my putts, which has always been an issue of mine. I highly recommend working with Josh."
Greg Callaro, PGA Pro


North East

Game On Golf Center
701 Dobbs Ferry Rd
White Plains, NY 10607
(914) 592-6553

Dunwoodie Golf Club
1 Wasylenko Lane, Yonkers NY 10701

Westchester Community College
75 Grasslands Rd, Valhalla, NY 10595

South East Florida

Hollywood Beach Golf Club
1600 Johnson Street
Hollywood, Florida

(954) 927-1751

Joshua Dunn is a professor at Westchester Community College and is the creator and founder of Think Breathe Act.